Who We Fund

University College London

Lessons from the German approach to large scale retrofit through KfW – the German government-owned development bank.
Key learning point was that Government support enabled the KfW to offer a lower rate of interest on finance for retrofit which encouraged substantial rates of adoption.
Local Energy Efficiency Partnership

A local authority led finance model based on work advising Birmingham on an authority wide retrofit programme.  The programme includes financing, uptake and delivery.
Developed two models for financing domestic energy efficiency retrofit programmes: a high-street retail product and a community-led approach. The community-led approach is now ready to test as a ‘Go-early Green Deal’.
National Energy Foundation and B&Q

Financing a National Domestic Energy Efficiency Programme – looking at two models; a high-street retail product and a community-led retrofit product which are now ready to test as Go early Green Deal projects.
Zopa Finance and Marches Energy Agency

Project reviewed opportunities to finance retrofit through social loans. Key conclusions from the review included:

  • Independent audit/advice and guarantees/warranties are essential;
  • Householders need to understand the ‘hierarchy’ of finance options available to them, and
  • Local/community approaches could offer benefits such as trusted suppliers and bulk buy schemes.

Severn Wye Energy Agency

Undertaken whole-house retrofit schemes, connecting householders with local suppliers and support accessing finance. Currently setting up a revolving retrofit guarantee fund to provide energy efficiency loans to households at a competitive rate of interest that are not attached to or secured by the property.
Green Deal Network

Explored how the Green Deal could be branded and marketed to achieve adoption rates needed to achieve carbon-reduction targets. Key conclusions included:

  • It needs to be clear, straightforward, consistently communicated, visibly Government-backed and evidently differentiated from previous schemes;
  • A neutral, authoritative umbrella brand plus a coordinated marketing push is needed to promote retrofit and launch the concept.



Developed a Low Carbon Strategy for Hackbridge that explored what combination of energy- efficiency retrofit, small-scale renewable energy and low-carbon district heating scheme could deliver the carbon-savings and improved comfort to households most cost-effectively. An online tool that can be used for other areas is available here.


Institute for Sustainability

Facilitated discussion between stakeholders and policy-makers to work through the key challenges to delivering large-scale domestic retrofit.
Centre for Sustainable Energy

Green Deal Incubator – current research and pilot project to test whether it is possible to create ‘white label’ brand for smaller trade organisations and business to deliver Green Deal.


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