Aligning Finance to the Paris Agreement and Biodiversity goals

We aim to encourage investors to shift money from fossil fuels and heavy greenhouse gas emitting sectors into climate and nature solutions.

Since 2015, we have been strong supporters of the global divestment movement.

Divest Invest is a simple but powerful act of removing investments in the largest fossil fuel extraction companies and investing in climate and nature solutions, including renewable energy.

We have engaged with many different organisations and institutional investors as part of this work.

Grantees supported under this focus area:

UK Divest

UK Divest is a partnership between Platform, Friends of the Earth Scotland, and Friends of the Earth England, Wales and Northern Ireland to lead the UK fossil fuel divestment movement.

They manage the UK Divest website, support a network of over 50 local campaign groups, and encourage local councils and pension schemes to divest. Platform recently started a campaign to encourage football clubs to break ties with fossil fuel companies, starting with Liverpool FC. To date, 43 local councils have committed to divest from fossil fuels.

People & Planet

People & Planet is the largest student network in the UK campaigning for social and environmental justice.

Since 2013 People & Planet have led Fossil Free divestment campaigns in UK universities to encourage them to divest their fossil fuel holdings and hold them accountable to their commitments. 100 UK and 2 Irish universities have so far committed to divest from fossil fuels, representing over £17.5 billion in funds.

Its new Fossil Free Careers campaign encourages UK university careers services to end their recruitment relationships with the oil, gas, and mining industries and embed environmental justice in their operations. 3 universities made this commitment at the end of 2022, believed to be the first in the world to do this!

Green Finance Institute

The Green Finance Institute develops financial solutions to accelerate the transition to a low carbon future.

In 2021, it launched a campaign with Abundance to encourage UK local councils to set up local climate bonds. Local climate bonds are financial products launched by local councils to generate funding and allow local people to invest in low carbon community projects (i.e. solar panels).

So far four local councils have issued local climate bonds to generate income for local green projects, raising over £2,83m combined. Four more bonds are due to launch later in 2023.