A collection of resources from our grantees, projects, and other relevant organisations.

Snapshot of Climate Change Litigation

Snapshot of Climate Change Litigation

The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change’s Annual ‘Snapshot of Climate Change Litigation’ shows how climate change litigation has grown globally and is expected to increase.

Six Ways to Change Hearts and Minds about Climate Change - first page of report

Six Ways to Change Hearts and Minds About Climate Change

A fantastic resource from On Road Media that outlines six tips to frame climate change to improve public understanding and inspire action.

Solar panels and wind turbines in front of electricity pylons

Divestment: Advantages and Disadvantages for the University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge holds assets of around £3.5 billion, and there was intense debate over whether full divestment of University funds is the best way to reduce carbon emissions This report was developed to outline the advantages and disadvantages of divestment.

screen shot of Divest Invest website

Divest Invest website

The Divest Invest website contains statistics, reports and guides on Divest Invest.

Butler-Sloss v Charity Commission

Butler-Sloss vs the Charity Commission Judgement

This webpage contains information on the judgement and what it means for trustees.