What We Fund

Our mission is to support efforts which help stabilise global temperatures to 1.5 degrees, restore our natural world, and support a regenerative economy. We aim to help reshape market norms, incentives and structures and create a political mandate to keep fossil fuels in the ground and accelerate finance into climate and nature solutions.

To achieve our mission:

      • We support a wide range of approaches and interventions including campaigns, legislation, litigation, research, policy work, and investment practice.
      • We collaborate with other funders to ensure civil society organisations are adequately supported and funded.
      • We convene finance, climate, legal and social change leaders; building bridges between sectors to accelerate progress.

We always welcome conversations with other funders who are interested in or fund similar work.

We do not accept unsolicited enquiries or applications. As a small team we do not have the staff capacity to deal with them. Instead, we identify organisations to support and work with through research, partners, and experts in the field and undertake due diligence on them. Trustees meet three times per year to advise on and decide which organisations to support.

Group campaigning for divestment

Aligning Finance to the Paris Agreement

We encourage investors to shift money from fossil fuels and heavy greenhouse gas emitting sectors into climate and nature solutions.

Four young activists involved in the Youth 4 Justice climate case

Law and Regulation

We support organisations and interventions which have potential to change how law firms mitigate climate change, or which utilise or adapt law and regulation to keep global temperatures to 1.5 degrees.


Strategic Communications

We advise and encourage campaigns to use the most appropriate framing to have a positive impact on a wide audience and to accelerate action in specific sectors.